Tolan Welcomes €4.1 million Capital Investment for East Meath

Tolan Welcomes €4.1 million Capital Investment for East Meath
Local Fine Gael Councillor Sharon Tolan has strongly welcomed the Draft Capital Investment Programme for Meath for 2017-2020. Due to be debated and adopted at Monday’s meeting of Meath County Council, the Programme highlights some of the key projects Tolan has championed since being elected in 2014.
“I am particularly delighted to see €300,000 allocated for the R132 Julianstown Traffic Management Scheme,” said Tolan. “I have had several meetings with Director of Services for Transportation, Des Foley and Senior Engineer Nicholas Whyatt, in relation to Julianstown. 22,000 vehicles are traveling through this village every day, and that’s just not good enough for the community there. Both have agreed that ultimately a Bye Pass is needed, but I have been lobbying for some time now for the need for Traffic Management in the interim. It is great to see the funding being allocated for this, and I am sure it will come as some relief to the community in Julianstown that they have been listened to.
Another welcome project that sees a massive increase in funding is the area of Beach Management. In 2015, the Council allocated €1.25 million to enhance facilities at the beaches in East Meath. I am delighted to say that buildings at the entrance to Bettystown beach have now been purchased, and a Draft Beach Management Plan has been completed. This will go on public display in the coming weeks, and will be open for submissions. In this year’s Capital Programme, the Council have now increased that by more than €1 million, giving a total fund for the entire project of €2.3 million in order to deliver the very progressive suggestions in the Draft Beach Management Plan. It is one thing to have a Plan, but it is crucial to have the funds to deliver it!” stressed Tolan.
The latest Capital Investment Programme for 2017-2020, also sees €700,000 allocated to providing a Community Facility for the Laytown-Bettystown area.
“A community centre is an absolute must for East Meath! School halls are bursting at the seams at this stage whilst in use by community groups. We badly need a centre for all the community to use.” said Tolan.

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  1. Hi Sharon. This is great news for the area. I want to thank you for all the hard work you do for the community. I’m sure it can feel like a thankless job at times so I wanted to let you know that every achievement is much appreciated.

  2. Well done Sharon!
    Is any chance to meet you personally?
    We are group of inline hockey player who is looking around for a sport halls for our kids and adults team practices.
    If there is any chance to talk with you, we’ll be very appreciate.

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