Tolan Welcomes Mosney Road Drainage Works

I am delighted that drainage works have now commenced on the Mosney Road, just outside Julianstown.  I have worked hard during my term as your Local Councillor to highlight this issue, and I was delighted to secure a commitment to have these necessary works completed.  These drainage works will make such a difference to all those living on the Mosney Road, and also to the community in Mosney Direct Provision Centre.

I will continue to try to secure funding for footpaths and cycle lanes for this busy road, and for a bike stand and bus shelter for the popular bus stop at the top of the road.

I have written to both Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan and Minister for Transport, Sport and Tourism, Shane Ross, requesting they allocate funding to Meath County Council for completion of much-needed footpaths and cycle lanes.


At the recent Municipal District meeting of the Laytown-Bettystown Councillors, local Fine Gael Councillor, Sharon Tolan, stressed the importance of completing a footpath on the Coast Road from the Educational Campus to Bettystown village. In what became quite a heated plea, Tolan told officials, “Enough is enough! We allocated the funding for this project in 2015 and have still not delivered it! There were at least 4 traffic incidents involving children on this road in 2016, and we are just blessed that nobody was seriously hurt!”

In 2015, Tolan proposed the full €150,000 allocated for footpaths in the district, be spent on delivering the much-needed footpath from the schools in Laytown to Bettystown Village. It was a unanimous decision by Councillors, but since then the project has been delayed again and again.

“This stretch of road is extremely dangerous, and has been made worse by the installation of a so-called safety barrier to attempt to stop pedestrians crossing. What has resulted is children now walking on the outside of the barrier, before attempting to cross the road. Meanwhile, residents on this side of the road also struggle daily trying to cross, in order to gain access to the pedestrian crossing further up. It has become a complete mess, and the only solution is to deliver the footpath and traffic calming measures before someone is seriously hurt . The funding is there and we need this progressed quickly!” Tolan stressed.

Almost, 2000 children aged 4-18 years old attend the 3 schools in the area, which include a Junior Primary, Senior Primary and a Secondary School.

Tolan Welcomes Half a Million Euro for Laytown-Bettystown Link Road

Fine Gael Councillor Sharon Tolan has today welcomed the news that Minister for Transport, Shane Ross has allocated €500,000 to Meath County Council in a Specific Improvement Grant to progress the delivery of the Laytown to Bettystown Link Road.

“This is fantastic news for the community in East Meath, and particularly for the parents of the 2000 children that currently attend the Educational Campus. This will mean that Meath County Council can appoint consultants to progress the Compulsory Purchase Order of the land required, and complete the detailed design in order to proceed to construction. This road is long overdue, and every day that it’s not delivered is another day that our children are put in danger during their journey to and from school.

I will continue to push the delivery of this road until it’s completion, and we can all feel secure that our children can get to and from school safely” stressed Tolan.

Tolan announced the news that the Link Road had been included in the government’s National Capital Plan in September 2015. Since then, Councillor Tolan pushed the council to secure funding for Part 8 Planning, and this lengthy process was completed and Part 8 Planning was adopted in May 2016. The €500,000 funding from the Department is a massive boost in the project for the East Meath area.

Tolan, who herself is a mother of children attending schools in the Educational Campus, has been a strong campaigner in the community for many years before entering into politics.

“The plan provides for not only the completed road, but also includes much-needed footpaths and cycle-lanes, which will mean many of our children will be able to walk or cycle safely to and from school. In addition, there will be an extra 80 parking spaces, which will come as a huge relief to parents of younger children attending Scoil Oilibheir Naofa Junior Primary School” said Tolan.

Top 10 Tips for Driving in Ice and Snow

Top Ten Tips for Driving in Ice and Snow
1. Get a grip: Remember your only contact with the road surface is your tyres so it’s vital that they are up to the task in icy and snowy conditions. Check tyres, including spare wheel, to ensure minimum tread depth of 1.6mm and that they are inflated to the correct tyre pressure. Lack of grip can occur even on treated roads so drive slowly in the highest gear possible, manoeuvre gently and avoid harsh braking. Replace tyres if necessary.

2. Make sure you can see: Clear your windows and mirrors before you set out, carry a screen scraper and de-icer. Do not use hot water on the windscreen as it can crack the glass. Replace windshield wiper blades if necessary. De-mist the inside of your windows thoroughly. Make sure your windshield washer system works and is full of an anti-icing fluid. Remember too that heavy snowfall will reduce visibility! Watch out for grit/salt spreaders and snow ploughs. The glare from the sun can be dazzling in the winter when the sun is low in the sky, so wear sunglasses in these conditions.

3. Check and use your lights: Use your dipped headlights so that others will see you. Make sure your headlights and taillights are all in working order, replace broken bulbs. Make sure lights are clear of snow. Read More

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